Himalayan Animal Salt Lick Horse Lick EQUINE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT 2- 3 kg


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This item: Himalayan Animal Salt Lick Horse Lick EQUINE DIETARY SUPPLEMENT 2- 3 kg

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Brand new unused professional quality product. Trace minerals are now
universally recognized as being essential in the livestock/horses diet.
There are seven trace elements that have shown to be needed to be supplemented.
These elements are Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Iodine, Iron, Manganese and selenium.
These additives are only required in very small amounts, measured in parts per
million, thus the name “trace minerals or trace elements.” Deficiencies in
trace minerals do in fact occur more frequently than is
usually recognized by the majority of livestock/horse owners. This
sub-clinical deficiency is far more wide spread than acute deficiencies.
Sub-clinical deficiency can lead to under performance by the livestock/horse,
for example, reduced growth rates, loss of feed efficiency and a depressed
immune system. This can then result in inefficient performance. There is,
therefore, an important role for mineral and trace element supplementation to
help to maximize equine health. Along with the hidden performance
losses discussed, animals short of salt and essential elements can show ‘pica’
or depraved appetite symptoms. These deficiency indicators can include licking
wood and stones, eating soil or bark. Horses constantly searching the hedge
rows in good grass pasture can often be telling the owners that there is a
mineral deficiency in its diet. There is increasing evidence to show that many
minerals and trace mineral nutrients are needed at higher levels to improve the
livestock/horses immune system to enable them to cope with infections. Sodium,
chloride, zinc, copper, selenium, and magnesium have already been shown to be
helpful in this regard. Because salt is self-limiting, it’s inclusion in
compound feeds means that horses, already well supplemented, will take less of
the free choice salt, while other livestock/horses on a more basic ration will
take more salt and so receive the essential minerals and trace elements for
their daily needs. Buy with confidence. 30 days money back guarantee. Delivered with Royal Mail 2- 3 days. Please ask if there are any questions.



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